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Explore the diversity of wildlife from the Americas here: Andean bears, the only bears native to South America; Chacoan peccaries once believed extinct; pudu, the tiniest of deer; and many other species.

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American Bison

The American bison is famous for its ability to tolerate temperatures well below freezing. They dig through snow to forage for buried vegetation, and their wooly winter coats protect them from the elements. WCS has a long history as part of the conservation movement to save this species from extinction.

On the Lookout for Lynx

As you explore the Wild Side, keep an eye out for our Canada lynx. These cats are found throughout southern Canada and into the northern U.S. WCS works to protect habitat important to lynx in the American Rocky Mountains.

A Puma by Any Other Name

Pumas, aka mountain lions, aka cougars, aka catamounts, hold the record for being the animal with the most alternative names. There are over forty names for pumas in English alone. These highly adaptive cats are found in a large variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and even arid desert regions.

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Southern pudu are from Chile and Argentina, and are the world’s smallest deer. Pudu bark when they sense danger, and when chased, they run in a zig-zag pattern to escape predators.

Bald Eagle

Our bald eagles were rescued and rehabilitated after unfortunate encounters with humans. They couldn’t be released back to the wild, so we provided them with a home.

Andean Bear

The only species of bear native to South America, Andean bears are also the closest living relative of the giant panda. Their facial markings are as specific and individual as human fingerprints.

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