The accessibility chart below provides an overview of services and facilities that are available for Queens Zoo guests with disabilities. Please consult the current map, distributed at the entrance gate, for additional park information and schedules.

All buildings are wheelchair-accessible.

Exhibits Steep Hill Rough Terrain Touch Exhibit Low Light Stairs
Waterfowl Marsh
Lynx X
Puma X
Owl X
Aviary X
Coyote X
Sea Lion
Pudu X
Bald Eagle X
Parrot X X
Bear X
Domestic Animals X X
Conservation Quests X X

Security & First Aid

In case of emergency, or when in need of first aid, please notify Security at (718) 271-5551.

Service Animals

Guests who rely on service animals may bring them into the Zoo, provided that the animals remain properly leashed. Guests are solely responsibility for the care and control of their animals.

For more information, please call the Zoo at (718) 271-1500.

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