Porcupine Hops Boroughs

May 27, 2014

Making the move from the Bronx to Queens, a one-year-old North American porcupine has joined the historic aviary at the zoo.

The Queens Zoo’s historic aviary recently celebrated the arrival of a young North American porcupine. The prickly addition is native to Canada, the western United States, New England, and the northern Great Lakes states — although this newcomer was born at the Bronx Zoo.

Despite the common misconception that porcupines throw their quills, the rodents will first attempt to flee or climb their way out of danger, raising their quills only if cornered. The barbs at the end of the sharp armor cause predators great pain.

The porcupine is on exhibit in the zoo’s aviary, which has housed birds native to North and South America since being rebuilt and repurposed from the 1964 World’s Fair, which was held in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

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