Exhibits & Attractions



Get a bird’s-eye-view of the scenery as you circle up the walkways of our aviary. You’ll start out on the forest floor, where ducks paddle by, then make your way to the treetop perches of parrots, cardinals, and egrets.

Blue and Gold Macaws

Blue and Gold Macaws

In summertime, this chatty blue and gold macaw and its scarlet macaw companion are two visitor favorites at the Aviary.

Giant Felmish Rabbit

Domestic Animals

Welcome to the farm! Flemish giant rabbits, hairy Highland cows, and cashmere goats are some of the barnyard animals you’ll find here. Learn how taking good care of domestic animals helps imperiled wild animals survive, too.


Great Plains

Westward ho! In these wildlife habitats, coyotes prowl a piece of the prairie and bison and pronghorn antelope mingle on a slice of the Great Plains. These wide-open spaces are a great place to observe mammals fast on their feet.

Sea Lion

Sea Lion Pool

At the heart of the park, bark hello to California sea lions and relax on the terrace. Three daily feeding demonstrations for the Zoo’s noisiest residents make the sea lion pool one of our most popular attractions.

Andean Bear

South American Trail

Head South of the Border to see the world’s smallest deer, a pair of playful Andean bears, and a flock of thick-billed parrots. Facing the increased deforestation of the forests where they live, all three species are endangered.


Waterfowl Marsh

On a meandering marsh, ducks preen their feathers, sandhill cranes fish in the mud, and trumpeter swans call. Telescopes provide up-close views of the birds, and a rustic path takes you over a bridge and along the banks of this waterfowl haven.


Woodland Trail

Along a wooded path, meet North American predators—including lynx, puma, and owls—as well as a herd of native elk. Explore the interactive adventure trail and discover how you can help save endangered species.